Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Not Everyone is Emerging.

It is refreshing when I find pastors that exercise good discernment, especially with the postmodern emerging phenomenon. Dr. James MacDonald has a good article posted on his radio ministry's web site in response to the Emergent church. Of course, some of his statements are a little more gracious than I am toward some of the leadership of emergent, such as Brian McLaren. But nonetheless, his assessment is right on and I am glad that he is speaking out.


Chris P. said...

Good article. I have always acknowledged that the only useful thing that came out of the emerging church, is the spotlight on modernism and the "Jesus prayer" gospel. However, like you, I am not as kind as Pastor Mc Donald. The battlefront is multi-faceted and the watchmen must remain awake. Good post.

Denise said...

I too, don't give much leniency (sp??) to the purported leaders (or non-leaders as the EC hates such labels) of the EC. McLaren of all people are about as heretical and yet as sneaky as they come and deserve a full-front assult on his war against God and His infallible Word. No room should be given to such hatred. Many Reformers did no less when confronting the popery of Rome. We should do no less when confronting the Emergent Church movement