Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Change in Plans.

I know that in a previous post I mentioned that I wanted to do a post on Leonard Sweet and planned on doing that sometime soon. Well, it is going to be awhile before I get around to doing that. Not because I don’t think that it is important, but I need a break from peering through the sewer drain of the emergent sewer of heresy, before I am overcome from the toxic fumes emitted from the doctrinal ooze! I need a break before I start banging my head against the wall! It is very discouraging to read some of the absolute absurd teaching.


Mike Perrigoue said...

I hear ya!

I read McLaren's "A new kind of Christain" and then read Driscoll's "Radical Reformission". I didn't have the strength to read McLaren's book with Campolo that my wife picked up from the library. Too toxic after awhile.

Chris P. said...

I told you would need an emergentese translator to wade through Sweet's twaddle. :-)