Friday, December 02, 2005

What I am Reading.

I have started reading a book entitled “Reclaiming the Center”, by Millard J. Erickson, Paul Kjoss Helseth and Justin Taylor, dealing with the influence of postmodernism on the evangelical church. This is going to be a good book that discusses in-depth the issues pertaining to how evangelicalism is being influenced by postmodernism. I believe this is something that every Christian needs to gain a keen understanding of. Postmodernism’s influence on evangelicalism is growing and it is not just limited to the emerging church movement. Many pastors are being influenced by the writing of men like Brian McLaren, Leonard Sweet and the late Stanley Grenz, to name a few. This influence is dangerous and is an imminent threat to the core foundations of biblical Christianity.

It is going to take me awhile to get through this book. I am really busy right now with school over the next couple of weeks. I am finishing up a semester and have a project and finals coming up. But I will eventually be posting some of the information as I go through the book. But it may be awhile. Between working full time, going to school, a wife and two small children, it is difficult to consistently have time to write clear, thoughtful posts.


Mike Perrigoue said...

Hi Eric,

I've seen this book...but unfortunately it will be awhile before I get to it...I've got many lined up right now. Let me know how you like when you finally get through it.'re going to school? Seminary? What's up?

I too am taking a class right now...not seminary, but an undergraduate Christian History class through Moody. I too have wife and two kids...busy busy busy!

Have a great weekend!

AuthenticTruth said...

Hi Mike, Unfortunately I am not in seminary, but at this point I wish I was. I am actually trying to finish up my MBA. I am down to my last three classes and should be done next year. My tuition is covered under my company's tuition reimbursement program, but my degree must be job related. Too bad I couldn't use it for seminary courses.

Once I get done with my degree, I want to look at some Bible courses online. Like you, I once wanted to get out of the secular world and get into ministry myself instead of working for the world. But as someone kindly pointed out to me, I am in ministry every day! So, I also have a different outlook on things now. But I have been struggling more than ever with the issue, not so much due to thinking that I am not involved in true ministry, but because my desires are more inclined to studying and teaching the Bible. It just seems that I am far more passionate about that than anything else.

Of course I am open to full time ministry if the Lord opens that up to me, but the Lord would have to open up those doors and some things would have to be lined up for that to happen.