Saturday, June 03, 2006

Brian Flynn on Contemplative Spirituality

If you want a good resource from someone who has been part of the New Age Movement and Contemplative Spirituality, you may want to check out Brian Flynn. He was skilled in transcendental meditation and relied on spirit guides for direction. Brian was wonderfully saved out of this darkness and is now a devout follower of Jesus Christ. Brian is seeing how many of the New Age and Eastern spirituality practices are now being introduced into the church, and he is warning believers of the dangers of this influence. With the promotion of many of these practices by many in the church especially the emerging church movement, it is crucial to understand what is going on and to warn others. Check out his website, “One Truth Ministries”. He has a section on his site on Contemplative Prayer, and he wrote a brief article, “Christians Should Dump Contemplative Prayer”, that was published in the “Minnesota Christian Chronicle”.

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