Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Absence

I know I have gotten lazy with my posting here. I have been co-teaching a class on evangelism at our church and have been busy with a few other things. I plan to jump back in here this upcoming week and start posting again.

I am also about to join the ranks of the jobless. I just received notice from my employer that my position is one of many that are being eliminated effective June 1. This came as quite a shock and was unexpected, but apparently due to changes in the economy they felt they needed to make some big cuts quickly. So effective immediately, I am looking for a new job. Not sure what God is going to lead me to, but I am sure that He has things under control.

My strongest desire and passion is teaching God’s word, but until the Lord would open up the opportunity for full-time (vocational) ministry somewhere, I need to support my family. So I am making my contacts and networking, and I already have some leads. But I would ask all who are reading this to keep me and my family in your prayers as we go through this troubling time.


Tim A. said...

I am praying for your job situation, and for God to open doors for ministry as well.
God bless you.

AuthenticTruth said...

Thanks Tim, I appreciate your prayers.

AuthenticTruth said...
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