Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Colson on Our Impaired Thinking Capacity.

I don’t always agree with some views of Chuck Colson, in particular his often overt ecumenism, but he often has some excellent insights and thoughtful articles that are well worth reading. Today’s article, “Musical Mush; Are We Impairing Our Capacity to Think?” is excellent. Colson keenly observes that “…much of the music being written for the Church today reflects an unfortunate trend—slipping across the line from worship to entertainment. Evangelicals are in danger of amusing ourselves to death, to borrow the title of the classic Neil Postman book.”

He goes further noting that many radio stations have begun replacing in-depth teaching programs in favor of entirely music formats, and observes “The great strength of radio, as with books, has been to present in-depth teaching that engages Christians cognitively. Unfortunately, thinking analytically is something Christians find increasingly difficult.”

Could it be that the church, as he puts it, is “blissfully amusing itself into irrelevance?”

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