Friday, February 10, 2006

Some Good Lectures on the EC.

I ran across this link to a series of lectures from The Master’s Seminary on the emerging church movement over at EmergentNo. I listened to the one by John MacArthur and it was excellent. There are four audio files listed and apparently there are going to be a total of five. This is important folks because the emerging church is beginning to have a heavy influence on the evangelical church.

Jason Robertson had a great post of an article written by Travis Hilton, pastor at Parkview Baptist Church in Bluefield Virginia. The article is entitled “Becoming Conversant With The Emerging Church: A Review and Reflection”. It is a review with some additional reflections on the book by D.A. Carson. In the article, Hilton talks about the emerging church and its effect on the evangelical church, not just the churches officially labeled as “emerging”. I highly recommend reading the article.

But what amazes me is the lack of response Jason got after posting the article. I hope the lack of response was not due to lack of interest or the notion that it is not all that important. The last time I looked, I was the only one to comment on the topic. Yet the effect of the “emerging” church is permeating the greater evangelical community. And it is happening so subtly that the vast majority of people are unaware that it is taking place. Particularly with the rampant biblical illiteracy that exists in the church today. Even in my own church, most of the congregants probably have no idea what the emerging church is. Many ideas and philosophies are being cleverly introduced into the church without mentioning the term “emerging”. Of course, lately the term has popped up, but it has been utilized in such a way that people get the impression that it is something relatively benign. Our church is not totally off the wall and we do for the most part adhere to solid doctrine. We have a statement of faith that is one of the most complete and accurate that I have seen, but I am still concerned and I am being very watchful.

The church today is quickly losing her doctrinal foundation and we had better sit up and take notice.


Doug E. said...

I too share your concerns regarding the EC. I am currently reading Carson's book right now. Thanks for the link.


anoninva said...

"We have a statement of faith that is one of the most complete and accurate that I have seen, but I am still concerned and I am being very watchful."

that's good that you have a statement of faith that is biblical. But beware! It isn't what's in the statement of faith (SOF) that matters so much - it's what's being preached from the pulpit.

Pastor Bob Dewaay explains:

In the new paradigm churches the orthodox “statement of faith” contains truths that the pastors do not care enough about to preach to their own congregations or to sinners. However, should someone in a discernment ministry challenge them about their teaching, they trot out their boiler plate orthodoxy to deflect criticism. What they fail to realize is that the many mainline protestant denominations that left orthodoxy during the modernist takeover of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries kept their orthodox statements of faith intact. They had no time for such foolish doctrines such as the virgin birth; but why needlessly start a fight by trying to change denominational confessions that were hundreds of years old? What is preached from the pulpit is a much better test of what is truly believed than a statement of faith."

for more on this see:

AuthenticTruth said...


I agree with you as well as with what Bob Dewaay says, which is why I am being very watchful and I am very concerned. I am going to be sending the leadership of my church a lengthy letter discussing the issue of the emerging church and asking some very probing questions. And I refuse to back down from the issue, especially when I am hearing occasional quotes from some of these postmodern teachers. Believe me, I know how churches can try and hide behind a statement of faith.