Tuesday, August 08, 2006

An Encouragement for Proclaiming the Truth.

I ran across this post at Slice of Laodicea. Apparently, a man by the name of Alex Leung from Toronto has realized the error in the emerging "church". He has offered an apology on his website for giving out copies of Rob Bell's book, "Velvet Elvis". Here is what he had to say about Bell:

I want to apologize here to those whom have received Rob Bell’s “Velvet Elvis” as a gift from me. After further investigation and research into the contents of this book about “repainting our faith”, I have come to understand that it follows very directly to the ways of the emergent cult. While Bell’s Nooma videos appear to contain good Spiritual food and is seemingly a great medium to reach today’s postmondern culture, his written beliefs about our faith is quite far fetched and reveal that he is one deviation from orthodoxy and the truth of the Gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ. You should not have to or even desire to read such heresy, and I would gladly accept it back. (EDITED: August 6, 2006)

It is very encouraging when you see someone turn away from theological error rather than embrace it! This should come as encouragement to those of us who point out doctrinal error, that there are some who are reached with the truth.

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Alex 1.0 said...

Hello Eric,
Just wanted to thank you for your encouragement on your blog.

Grace to you, brother;-)
-Alex leung