Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I’m Back!

I am back and ready to resume blogging! We had a great time on vacation, though it always seems to be too short. Beach vacations are generally relaxing. The only bad thing was the drive down to Myrtle Beach, taking a whopping 23 hours total due to the high volume of traffic. We took a different route down to South Carolina than we normally take, passing through Washington D.C. and stopping off at Richmond Va. to visit with some friends. We anticipated arriving in Richmond by 3 or 4 PM the day we left home, but due to getting caught in extremely heavy traffic around Washington D.C., we did not arrive until around 7:30 that evening, making our visit rather short. I do not recommend going anywhere near D.C., especially anytime after 3 PM on a Friday when rush hour starts if you can avoid it. It took a total of 13 hours to arrive at Richmond, VA. We got on the road the next day headed for Myrtle Beach and ran into heavy traffic on I-95. After sitting for quite some time in bumper to bumper traffic, we finally got off at the nearest exit and took some back roads to get to the coast and made our way to finally arrive at Myrtle Beach around 7:30 PM. The trip from Richmond to Myrtle Beach was an additional 10 hours and who knows how much longer the trip would have been had we not gotten off of I-95. Not sure if traffic is always that heavy on I-95, but after that experience, I would recommend an alternate route and avoid I-95 if possible. The trip back went much smoother, taking an alternate route, and although it seemed to slow us down a bit passing through some small towns, we still made the trip back from Myrtle Beach in only 13 hours. Although we would have liked to stay longer, it is always nice to be home again.

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