Thursday, January 03, 2008

Get the New Year Off to a Good Start

You may have set some new goals for 2008, and perhaps some of those thoughts were directed toward making a more concentrated effort at deepening your understanding of Biblical truth. You may want to check out Biblical Training. This is an excellent resource, offering both lay and seminary level courses. And these are offered free of charge. They are also involved in a project to offer classes to train leaders in churches in third world countries. I would recommend offering them a generous donation so that they can expand and continue to offer these courses. I think you would agree that it is definitely a worthy cause. Contributors to the material on Biblical Training include Dr. Bill Mounce and Dr. John Piper and faculty from various schools including Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. There is plenty of solid teaching there.

Another good resource is Founders Ministry Study Center. Most of these courses are offered for a fee of $75 per course plus books and materials. This is another great resource for those unable to relocate and attend a seminary.

These are only a couple of many resources that are available online. But these are great low cost options to receive biblical training.

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